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Focalisation in verbo-visual texts: ‘Treat’ by Stephen Collins

The text under discussion here is a comic strip, a short ‘verbo-visual’ narrative (Saraceni, 2000) that can either take the form of a self-contained unit such as Collins’ Treat or it can form part of a much larger narrative (Garry Trudeau’s Doonesbury). These strips are published daily or weekly in newspapers and their purpose is…

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My Top Five Favourite Comic Books, an Also-Ran: Stephen Collins’ ‘The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil’

  Warning: spoilers! Before I begin, allow me to say how much I love Stephen Collins’ work. Every week I cut out his comic strip from the Saturday Guardian magazine and glue it into my notebook. Many’s the happy hour I’ve passed in the library re-reading old comic strips instead of making notes on yet…

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Cartoons and Politics

I love cartoons and comics, and I’m a big fan of Stephen Collins’s work. He does the cartoon in the Saturday Guardian magazine that appears underneath Lucy Mangan’s column, and he’s recently published a book entitled The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil. This week’s cartoon, pasted below, features a voxpop interview with a woman-in-the-street. (I’ve…

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