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A potential development for cognitive poetics: text world theory and verbo-visual narratives

I’ve posted this essay in pdf format because it’s almost 4000 words long and there are lots of pictures, so it’s a bit easier this way. This is my first foray into text world theory and I’ve got some of it wrong, to be honest, so if you want to make use of the arguments…

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My Top Five Favourite Comic Books: #4 ‘Eustace’ by S. J. Harris

Eustace is new this year, and it’s astonishingly good. Like Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, it’s a work of two halves, although with Eustace I’m afraid both halves are tragic: there’s no happy ending here, in spite of the dramatic turn of events when Uncle Lucien (‘Lucy’) shows up almost exactly half-way through. The first half…

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