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Developing Your Eye, Day 4: Bliss

This is me and Basil Bun having a peaceful moment on the sofa. My bunny looks as if he’s really enjoying himself and this is his bliss rather than mine, because I know that if I stop stroking his forehead, he’ll throw a rabbit moody and wee all over everything.

The Hunt for ‘Mr Pig’

Right, so this is my film for Hallowe’en. I’ve already done the ‘Scary’ iMovie Trailer (see The Bun of Terror), so I thought I’d have a go at the ‘Film Noir’ template. My camera has a setting called ‘Palette 4’ which is black and white with an additional lovely blue shimmer; however, our front room is…

Introducing Basil Bun and Petey Pickles

I thought it was time for Basil Bun and Petey Pickles to feature on Aunty Muriel’s Blog, so I’ve put together one or two photographs and placed them alongside a couple of Roy’s lovely cartoons starring these Fabulous Furries. Basil Bun joined us when he was very tiny, but he had already gained something of…