I thought it was time for Basil Bun and Petey Pickles to feature on Aunty Muriel’s Blog, so I’ve put together one or two photographs and placed them alongside a couple of Roy’s lovely cartoons starring these Fabulous Furries.

Basil Bun joined us when he was very tiny, but he had already gained something of a reputation as a bunny troublemaker:


Soon he grew into a big strong bunny:


Bored of his life of crime, Basil Bun turned instead to amateur dramatics. You see him here starring as Second Shepherd From The Right, in the local Nativity Play:


But Basil Bun was lonely, so we acquired a very small guinea pig called Petey Pickles to keep Basil company:


Petey ate everything he could lay his paws on, but he didn’t really get any bigger:


Basil’s brief taste of fame on the amateur stage proved a headstrong mixture, and, missing the limelight, he formed a successful musical duo with Petey Pickles and they enjoyed a long and lucrative career.


The End.

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