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The UK north/south divide: a phonetic – or is it phonemic? – transcription 

This month, I’ve started working towards another master’s degree. It’s an MA in Literary Linguistics at the University of Nottingham, but because I’m an online distance-learner (a ‘cool’ as opposed to a ‘warm’ student), I don’t need to travel up (or ‘oop’) north or anything like that: no, I don’t even have to get off…

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Don’t You ‘Actually’ Me! – What I Really Think about The Guardian’s ‘What I’m Really Thinking’ column

Let’s get this clear from the start: I wouldn’t dream of reading any newspaper other than The Guardian – except perhaps possibly maybe The Independent – but the What I’m Really Thinking column which appears in the Guardian Weekend magazine renders me puce with apoplectic rage every Saturday morning. The idea of this column is that…

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What’s in Aunty Muriel’s stocking?

Grown-up tuck, posh booze and Rachmaninov’s Symphonic Dances on the radio – what could make for a better Christmas? A pile of brilliant presents, that’s what. And even though a nasty winter virus forced me into a sulk and made me give up on Christmas this year, I’ve still had a lovely day thanks to the…

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