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Developing Your Eye, Day 8: Treasure

Today’s image shows my latest treasure: a baroque oboe d’amore. It’s a copy of an instrument invented in the eighteenth century, and this particular oboe was made by Paul Hailperin in 1997. I’ve only played on modern instruments up until now and playing a period oboe d’amore presents a challenge to say the very least: I’m more or…

Developing Your Eye, Day 7: Big

I leant out of the bathroom window to take this photograph of our neighbour’s enormous sycamore tree. It’s an exceptionally beautiful tree and it looks even more vibrant in the hot sunshine we’re currently enjoying in the UK. And I can’t resist adding another Prisma pic…here’s the sycamore tree rendered in the Candy setting:

Developing Your Eye, Day 6: Solitude

I didn’t take this photo, but I like it so much and it’s so perfect for today’s theme that I couldn’t resist using it. This is my cousin and his dog, enjoying a moment of solitude. Now, I do have a little creative input of my own to add to this post. I’ve been playing with…

Developing Your Eye, Day 5: Connect

The theme for today is ‘Connect’, and I’ve cheated a bit with this one. Instead of using my imagination to take an inspirational and beautiful photograph, I’ve posted a picture taken last week whilst I was on my hols in France. This photograph was taken in Ribeauvillé, and it’s not one I meant to take: you see,…

Developing Your Eye, Day 4: Bliss

This is me and Basil Bun having a peaceful moment on the sofa. My bunny looks as if he’s really enjoying himself and this is his bliss rather than mine, because I know that if I stop stroking his forehead, he’ll throw a rabbit moody and wee all over everything.