Month: October 2017

18 November 2017: Inaugural concert of the Whiteknights Ensemble — Aunty Muriel’s Oboe

Earlier this year some of my musical friends and I got together to form the Whiteknights Ensemble, and our inaugural concert is now only three weeks away! We’ll be performing as a wind quintet and the programme comprises works by Mozart, Ligeti, Cambini, Nielsen and Patterson. Based in Earley, Reading, the Whiteknights Ensemble takes its…

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Contextual frame theory and Shirley Jackson’s ‘A Visit’ 

Contextual frame theory explains ‘how readers track reference to characters and events through the process of reading’ (Stockwell, 2002: 155). To summarise the essence of this approach, the reader constructs mental images, or ‘contextual frames’, containing characters and objects which are said to be ‘bound’ to that frame. The binding process enables the reader to…

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