A corner shelf for my shed

Since this summer, I have been the proud owner of a garden shed which I use as a music practice room.

I spent quite a lot of time decorating this shed, and I wanted to add our little corner shelf to its interior decor. This shelf had sustained quite a bit of damage from that bloody awful parrot my Significant Other used to have, so first of all I had to sand down the parts that had been beaked. Before and after pics below (click on the images to enlarge). It’s far from being a perfect repair, but there wasn’t much else I could do, and I knew it would look better once it was painted.

In fact, the whole shelf had to be carefully cleaned and sanded to remove years of greasy dust and grime.

Once the shelf had been cleaned, I added Frog Tape where necessary and sat outside in the sunshine to paint it in the same colours as my shed: first the cream, then the purple. The painting took a few days because two coats (at least) are necessary.


thumb_SAM_2892_1024So here it is, finished and in situ:


And finally, here’s the shelf with bits and bobs added, all in keeping with the purple-cream colour scheme as far as possible. The candle is powered by an LED battery and the candlestick was a blank ceramic that I spray-painted purple. I also painted the empty paint cans in purple and cream and I’m going to use them for flowerpots, but that will have to wait now until the spring.


The corner-cabinet loaded with stuff

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