Month: July 2016

Developing Your Eye, Day 5: Connect

The theme for today is ‘Connect’, and I’ve cheated a bit with this one. Instead of using my imagination to take an inspirational and beautiful photograph, I’ve posted a picture taken last week whilst I was on my hols in France. This photograph was taken in Ribeauvillé, and it’s not one I meant to take: you see,…

Developing Your Eye, Day 4: Bliss

This is me and Basil Bun having a peaceful moment on the sofa. My bunny looks as if he’s really enjoying himself and this is his bliss rather than mine, because I know that if I stop stroking his forehead, he’ll throw a rabbit moody and wee all over everything.

Developing Your Eye, Day 1: Home

The title for Day 1 of Developing Your Eye is ‘Home’. Now, without wishing to sound poncey, I’ve always thought of ‘home’ as a state of mind rather than a place. I can form an attachment to any one particular place quite quickly, as long as I feel happy and relaxed there, and for this I need books,…