Developing Your Eye, Day 8: Treasure

Today’s image shows my latest treasure: a baroque oboe d’amore. It’s a copy of an instrument invented in the eighteenth century, and this particular oboe was made by Paul Hailperin in 1997. I’ve only played on modern instruments up until now and playing a period oboe d’amore presents a challenge to say the very least: I’m more or less having to start from scratch. There are only two keys so I’m having to learn lots of different fingerings, and getting any note to sound in tune is much more difficult than it is on a modern oboe, because this thing is basically just a stick with holes. However, when I can get it to work, it produces a beautiful ‘woody’ sound.

I’ve zoomed in on the maker’s mark – the little ‘H’ on the bell – and you can also see the maker’s name on the top joint. I confess I’ve mucked around with this photograph in PicMonkey: I cropped it first, then used the soft focus function to blur everything around a circular focal point, and finally I added the ‘Urbane’ setting which deepened the colours a little.


Baroque oboe d’amore by Paul Hailperin


  2 comments for “Developing Your Eye, Day 8: Treasure

  1. July 21, 2016 at 1:30 am

    I love the sound of an oboe, I wonder what this one sounds like! I started to learn when I was younger, and carried a reed around for a while, but eventually chose to play the trumpet instead

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