My new toy: a piccolo shelf!

My latest acquisition is a piccolo shelf and it is brilliant. I pinched the idea from some musical friends, to whom I offer my most sincere thanks. A piccolo shelf is a small shelf which is attachable to your music stand, and flautists use it for their piccolos (hence the name). Now, it has dawned on double reedies that this is also a fantastic place to keep your water pots, spare reeds, reed knives, pull-throughs, and all the other endless gumpf that we need. Pics below show how the shelf attaches to the stand and what it looks like once it’s got all your stuff on it.

I love it. I’m so pleased with it. It struck me when playing in a concert the other day that I was having to bend down an awful lot to scrabble around on the floor for different reeds, scraps of cigarette paper to mop out blocked octave boxes, and so on and so on…and you see, the problem is that in a concert band I’m sitting in the front row, so all that bending down must be very distracting for the audience, and the other issue is that at my age, I don’t really want to be doing the bending-over-in-front-of-people thing. Questions arise, questions I don’t really want to answer, such as: am I going to have a red face when I sit up? Can I get down there in the first place? Are my boobs going to stay safely tucked in my dress? It’s an uncomfortable situation for everyone, quite frankly, but lo and behold, the piccolo shelf is the perfect answer to this particular problem. No more grunting around on the floor for me, no siree – that water pot and spare reed is right where I need it, seven or eight inches away at the most. Yup.

Ooo, I should probably note that I bought mine from and it was £23 including postage and packaging. And don’t drop it on your toe as I did. It hurts.


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