Tarting up that tatty old bookcase with a spot of découpage

Remember that tatty bookcase I mentioned? Well, it has been thoroughly tarted up, and it only took three weeks of my life, one whole pot of varnish-glue and about thirty quids’ worth of découpage paper. Before and After pics below…

Here’s the bookcase before I’ve done anything to it (click on the images to enlarge them). It was filthy and the paint job on it was patchy. Fit for the skip, to be honest.

One découpage make-over later, and here it is:

Every square inch of this bookcase is covered – yes, under the shelves as well, and I even did the feet:

Even did the feet


And of course, Basil Bun ‘helped’ – obligatory Pet Shaming pics below.

After all that work I didn’t really want to put books on my lovely new bookcase, but a bookcase is sad without books, so here it is in situ, doing the job it was made for and happily fulfilling its function.


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