Really getting into this découpage thing now

Roy brought home a present for me on Saturday: a miniature chest of drawers he’d picked up for seven quid in Sainsbury’s. He knows I love this sort of thing and I was so SO chuffed with this pressie, especially because I’d just ordered a couple of hundred reams of découpage paper. I set to work, and you can see the results below (click on the images to expand). Truth be told, the individual drawers are not very big and not much use for storage, but they are perfect for stashing away lots of little knick-knacks and oddments such as buttons, badges and brooches. And my love-affair with découpage is far from over – no, no, au contraire – future projects include that knackered bookcase and a pile of plain wooden photo-frames I picked up in Oxfam at the weekend for a quid apiece. Fun!


  2 comments for “Really getting into this découpage thing now

  1. April 4, 2016 at 9:31 pm

    Congrats, it’s really nice! Love it!

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