PicSketch: Day 2 of the Five Day Black and White Challenge

(The rules for this challenge and my ‘entry’ for Day 1 can be found here.)

It’s Day 2 of the Five Day Black and White Challenge, and I used the PicSketch app to create the following black and white image from an original photograph in colour.

Here’s the original:


And here’s what PicSketch did with it:

Bike by river

It’s not bad, is it? I think the app does quite a good job in capturing the various textures, and it does extremely well with buildings: see below for a PicSketch image of St John’s in Winchester, with the original pasted beneath it:

Church view


PicSketch does quite well with flowers and gardens too. The following were also taken at St John’s:



Lovely flowers

The app is not quite so successful with images of people, however. Here’s Dr B in the south of France, eating a huge ice-cream on a very hot day:


I think this is a lovely photo, but the PicSketch version of the same is rather unflattering and it’s also lost the sense of depth in the original:

Dr B with ice cream

It’s a bit ‘meh’, isn’t it? I PicSketched an image of myself as well, just to ensure that everyone had a go at being humiliated. Here’s one of me with chronic bed-head:


Aren’t I beautiful? This time, I experimented with a few of PicSketch’s features. Admittedly, there aren’t many of them, but I fiddled with pen size, contrast, brightness, and I added a bit of colour too:

Me with bed-head

On the whole, it’s not bad. I like its comic-book feel, and the colour definitely helped restore some of the depth. So, having started to play with the colours feature, I went back to an architectural picture and pushed things a little further. Here’s the original:


This is the lovely village of Gordes in the south of France. Here’s what PicSketch will do with this image before you add anything:


This is quite nice on its own, but adding a little bit of colour gives an interesting effect…

Gordes in colour

…and playing with the colour wheel to add a backwash gives you an even more exciting  image:

Gordes in colour with background wash

I really, really like this. This image has a very different feel to the original, but it’s essentially the same picture. In fact, I’m beginning to wonder if it would be possible to create an entire comic-book style narrative using original photographs combined with PicSketch and PicMonkey: the latter allows you to add all sorts of overlays, including speech bubbles, and there’s a new Graphic Novel theme to play with. This could be the beginning of something I really don’t have time for at the moment…but how much fun it would be!

(If you’d like to see more photos of the south of France, I’ve posted my holiday pics here.)

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