Fungal Fun with Pestle Puffballs

Dr B and I set out for a walk today, determined to get a bit of fresh air and to catch up on some mushroom-spotting. I must admit, when Dr B first breezed in a couple of years ago waving a newly-acquired Collins Complete Guide to British Mushrooms and Toadstools, my heart sank. Yes, I’m afraid it did, and it sank because I’d already done orchids, wild flowers, birds, trees and insects, and I was thinking how nice it would be just to stay at home and watch some crap telly instead. But I gamely put my walking boots on and off we went to photograph mushrooms. And after two or three mushrooming expeditions, I’d developed something of a genuine interest in the subject because, you see, fungi are actually really rather fascinating, not least because many of them have such great names: Twisted Deceiver, Herald of Winter, Prunes and Custard, Soapy Knight, and the Sickener, to name but a few.

Today, though, we drew a bit of blank, although we did spot these lovely Pestle Puffballs. These are often confused with the Common Puffball, and I could well have got this wrong: please feel free to correct me if so. But Common or Pestle, these are certainly mushrooms which are not yet mature, which is evident in their entirely unspoilt forms.



Aren’t they lovely?

I’ve included below one or two other photographs taken during the course of the walk, including a couple of views of the village of Hambledon, but I’m afraid it was rather slim pickings today. We did, however, get plenty of fresh air!

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