A Late Summer Walk With Aunty Muriel’s Nature Watch…

Many flowers have gone over by this time of year, so a late summer walk can be a bit on the dull side…nevertheless, I found a couple of things still in bloom and was very pleased to be able to get a shot of a kingfisher. It’s a small image, but this tiny bird was a long way off and my camera was at maximum zoom. I got as close as I could before it flew away. Also included in the gallery is a picture of two Lancaster Bombers which flew over a couple of times: the photo’s not very good – I’m afraid I wasn’t quick enough. But Lancaster Bombers they were, and Mr Aunty Muriel (aka Dr B) was quite beside himself with little-boy-who-used-to-make-Airfix-models excitement.

  1 comment for “A Late Summer Walk With Aunty Muriel’s Nature Watch…

  1. September 2, 2014 at 9:55 am

    Mr Aunty Muriel has enlightened me re: the yellow flower. It’s a monkey flower, or a blood-drop emlet. Now apparently, these flowers inter-breed like no one’s business, but because the ‘blood drops’ on the one shown are quite small, this would suggest that this particular specimen is at the monkey flower end of the spectrum. So there you have it!


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