Making sure November 2013 is on my drop-down menu…


I haven’t been able to make any time for blogging recently, because tomorrow is my deadline for a first draft of some PhD work…and the writing hasn’t been going very well this month, to be honest. However, I’ve found time to write a little poem in between bouts of staring fruitlessly at various typewritten pages, because it’s the last day of November today and I wanted to make sure that November appears on this blog’s drop-down menu. Just because. Just because that’s the way it is and that’s what I’m like.

Quick note about the poem: I should explain that all arts PhD students in the UK are initially registered for an MPhil, and there comes a point at which they have to go through a process known variously as the upgrade, confirmation of registration, the transferring-up process, etc., which involves 1) the submission of a writing sample along with other bits and bobs of paperwork, and 2) a viva voce examination. If the student survives all this, they are registered as a full-cream (rather than semi-skimmed) PhD student. If not…then the student is stuck on an MPhil, and doesn’t get to be ‘Dr’. 

My Upgrade Poem

The first day of December

Is a date I well remember

‘Tis the deadline for my draft of chapter two.

For lucidity I’m angling

But my participles are dangling

And I can’t make out who’s doing what to who(m).

All these notes and random scribbles

On pages marked with coffee dribbles

Made sense, I’m sure, at some point lost in time,

But as each tick meets its tock – 

And I succumb to writer’s block –

O God! An ‘MPhil’, not a ‘Dr’, will be mine!

The End. Back to work now. ‘My Top Five Favourite Comic Books #1’ coming up soon…but not this weekend, my friends, not this weekend…

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